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Other Services

VIDEO EDITING Why not bundle a custom promo video with your purchase and save even more? Our video Post-Production services include: · Special Effects · 3D Rendering/Animation · Music Videos · Color Correction/Restoration · + many more!

GRAPHIC DESIGN All of our designs are optimized for both print and digital display—delivered in Vector AND Raster formats—at no extra charge. Bundle one or more of the following to save even more: · Album Artwork · Logo Design & Concept · Film Poster · Event Promo · Photo Editing/Retouching · Apparel Display · Let us know if we missed anything!

EDITING/REVIEW We truly put the "MULTI" in "multimedia"! Our highly-qualified staff hold advanced degrees and combined decades of experience in/around professional writing, and their expertise is available at the most competitive rates in the industry! Free virtual consultations include an ironclad nondisclosure agreement and prescribed overview with NO commitment or obligation. Contact us regarding: · Songwriting (any genre) · Script Revision/Formatting · Co-Writing/ Ghostwriting · Consultation/Punch-Up · Story Development · You get the idea... Call us!!

No matter your vision or budget, BMG is your one-stop shop for polished, professional post-production!
 Call or message us today!

* Rates vary depending on several factors, including project scope and/or individual licensing terms.  Financing options are available for exclusive licenses, subject to fiduciary inquiry.  Communicate your specific needs/financial abilities for further details.

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