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Mixing & Mastering

Nothing—and we mean NOTHING—ruins an otherwise great work of art like a bad mix.  Whether it's muffled or unintelligible lyrics, an unruly (or weak) bass, peaking distortion, or the even-harder-to-tweak problem of non-cohesiveness (where all the pieces fit, but they don't quite...gel), let our audio experts keep your audience focused on the content, and not on ignoring that annoying ringing sound at 14k Hz your computer/car speakers couldn't pick up on.

One of the biggest complaints made by YouTube viewers is that videos from their favorite creators often feature sharp, unpleasant modulations in volume/quality.  Surveys consistently show that this can directly affect their decision whether/when to interact with subsequent links (e.g.: "I'll have to wait until I get home, because constantly adjusting the volume is annoying and last time I nearly destroyed my eardrums listening with my headphones!"). 

With services starting at only $50* and flat rates available, you can't afford to leave your sound quality to chance!  Let's get started today!

* Rates vary depending on several factors, including project scope and/or individual licensing terms.  Financing options are available for exclusive licenses, subject to fiduciary inquiry.  Communicate your specific needs/financial abilities for further details.

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