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Foley/Sound Design

The best Foley work is that which your audience never notices.  On the other hand, mediocre Foley can snap even the most engaged viewer completely out of the compelling story you've so masterfully crafted—while poorly-done Foley suddenly turns what would have been a gripping drama into a farcical comedy.

Sound design is an often-underappreciated part of the filmmaking/podcasting process, but it is absolutely vital in delivering the most immersive experience for your audience.  Utilizing a massive library of classic and original effects, our experienced engineers will ensure that your next release has the perfect atmosphere & gravitas to captivate your audie

* Rates vary depending on several factors, including project scope and/or individual licensing terms.  Financing options are available for exclusive licenses, subject to fiduciary inquiry.  Communicate your specific needs/budget for further details.

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