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BMG is your one-stop shop!

You're an artist.  A visionary.  This ​is it: the masterpiece that's going to take your art to the next level.  The pièce de résistance that will rock the very foundation of the genre itself.  


....only the graphic designer won't return your calls, your editor is way behind schedule, and you just received an invoice from the audio engineer for double what you were quoted.


BMG was tailormade for artists, by artists.  We understand firsthand how stressful the post-production process can be—particularly for independent up-and-comers.  We've felt the pressure and frustration of outsourcing the tangential—yet crucial—aspects of our beloved projects, and that's why our primary goal is to free up your time & money to be spent on what you do best: CREATING

We also work with one of the top entertainment/IP law firms in the country to draft the most straightforward & flexible licensing agreements possible, so that you don't have to worry about deciphering messy, confusing contracts; we can even help you find reputable entertainment lawyers in your area!

Contact us today to see the BMG difference!

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